Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Back in Malmö

Back in Malmö with the girls! They have had a hard time and used all human techniques to keep fear and sadness away. But it is all gone now. I woke up first morning to get Dana ready for football and later listened to hear doing her homework. Eva, the almost teenager, takes things easier. It seems!
I have slept for two days now. I am feeling a bit rough, I have to say. But what to expect?
Whilst sleeping I remembered I did a recording just before the helicopter came. or was it the evening before? I don´t remember. Here it is:
There has been some media about the shortest crossing attempt ever! Read and do have opinions for sure! Interesting reading from the Greenland side.
And Exweb:
I don´t think anyone of them would have written anything if I had made it to the other side. Such is life.
I am also writing this because a lot of my friends In Greenland want to come and visit me at the hospital.
Which makes me very happy. But I am back in Sweden.
Thanks for all the well wishers again.

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