Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Day 14-15

Day 13-14

Yesterday we ended up in the emergency ward in Izmir!

Eva woke up with a swollen eye in the morni g . Some kind of allergic reaction. I just mentioned that we would take a day off to our Izmir team. And why. An hour later they had sent a driver, another great person, who took us to the Emergency ward where Wva was given some stuff!

She is more than ok. She wanted to continue to cycle, because we are on a roll and want to finish our first stage. The Eurovelo 8 route and have a rest before the Cappadocia trip.

But I have to mention our team here in Izmir is out of this world helpful! Fantastic!

We left Urla at 10 km, cycled 15 km before we hit the busy traffic into Izmir. We had a 2 hour breakfast on route until the great team of Onur and Suleyman turned up and we filmed for a few hours, before we again could enjoy the view from “our” flat over wonderful Izmir!

I just want to mention the girls are on a roll now. And hard to stop. It has taken this time for us to adjust normal life to this way more fantasticvlife. Right now we are loving it and even cycling at the hottest hours of hhe day with little isdues.

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