Sofie Rördam

Team Defender X

Let me just start out by saying that Team Defender X is the best team I have ever been part of!
I have never been in a team where everyone is so happy getting together at every possible occacion. We really enjoy being together. There´s extremely seldom any negativity, just a feeling of possabilities. There´s no one in the group behaving like he or she is better than anybody else. No jelousy, no drama, no hard words but lots of laughter.
Both travelling and not travelling. Which in itself is unique. Because many times group dynamics change when travelling gets hard. Not in this group.
I get many questions from people who want me to tell them a bit more of the people in the group.
So, our leader is Jeff Willner. He is one of my very best friends, who I have had the honour to know since 2011. Our first trip together was to Kongo-Kinshasa, and since then we have done the most fantastic journeys together. Jeff is one of the funniest, kindest, most generous and gentle people I have ever come across. I would do anything for him. And this time in Toronto, I met his lovely wife Stacey and his wonderful kids. And his dad, sisters and Andrew and Dutch, who I see as good friends too. Jeff is really a classic visionary who´s ideas at times are the maddest, but turns out are unique. On and off! It is never, ever boring together with Jeff. Extremely well read, intelligent and funny!
The teams second driver is another character, Steve Boultbee Brooks. Pilot, Formula Classic driver, inventor and many other things. He is such a grand character with his irresistable laughter. I met him first time back in 2006 when I got a medal from the Explorers Club in London and his wife, Joanne Vestey, added me in a book she was writing about Explorers. Steve is always in a good positive mood. He is very much into the world of the meaning of life. Great guy, love him too pieces too!
We are lucky to have Sofie Rördam in the group. The only woman. And of cause as tough as one can be, to survive all thes fellas plus all the challenges being the director of the film. I met Sofie at a film pitch in Tromsö back in 2019. She is one of my best friends. Extremely hardworking, intelligent and full of fun!
There´s been a few other personalities too. Like the always positive, happy Nikki. The Russian expert Ed, Misha the super film maker, Samir and a few others. All great people!
It is really a huge privilige being part of this magnificient team and project.
Let us see when we next roll. Right now, we don´t know.
Sofie and me presented the Defender X project for the Kensington Group. One of the clips we showed was this one, which describes one side of the project.
Photo Copyright: Sofie Rördam

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