Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Being in love is not easy

Being in love is not easy.
It kind of throws you into a rollercoaster existence with strong emotions, great adjustments, and completely great chaos in your normal life of routines.
It cannot be described or understood I feel. It is such a strong overwhelming feeling you wonder how anyone can ever live without it.
Yesterday we did yet another lovely hike on this spectacular island. A 2 hour drive took us to the Anaga Mountains and the village of Chamorga. The drive up from the busy city of Santa Cruz was spectacular. A real dizzy challenge for checking my status of my concussion! That windy and curvy!
We hiked down through a rocky valley almost all the way to the ocean. And then up again. Hannah is a strong walker so we did it in a couple of hours and a bit more.
On route home in the darkness we stopped at a fish restaurant in Santa Cruz and had a major meal of local ceviche ( so and so) and grilled fish. Great!
Status of concussion is improving a lot. Love does that.
I love being in love!

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