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So important. More important than diet. More important then exercise. That important.

I have lately dwelled into the act of sleeping so much, that I have started to sleep not-so-good. I have read the neuro-scientist Matthew Walkers book, seen his TED talk, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MuIMqhT8DM&ab_channel=TED and checked my Oura ring a little bit too often. All in all, I lost an hour a night of sleep doing that!

How hard can it be?

One night out in the tent, 8.30 half hours of sleep and back on track. Almost 7 first night home. I know you can´t store sleep, but I have spent more than 3000 nights of my life in a tent. Most of them over 8 hours a night. Except when too cold, hot or too scared.

We all froze a bit, because we had brought all the equipment we think we need for this summers cycling Expedition in Africa. Angola specifically. But we still slept great.

Of course, not being worried about not getting enough work done (though Raftarp is work too!) helps with the sleep. The tax papers are still waiting for me!

And being together with the girls! As quick as we get outside, we talk more, they two argue less, they assist me with joy all the time (Not me having to ask them to help out with the dishes, laundry and so on at home) and we are together in a way, that means me not going to my work room in the flat checking on emails.

I am really looking forward to getting onto the road this summer. It doesn´t take more than a bike, a tent and go!

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