Explorer Mikael Strandberg

From 3 to 60% on the life battery

“Are you ok?”
I have gone from 3% on the battery of life as it was almost a month ago to about 60% today. It has been a challenging journey plagued by dizzyness, lethargy, extreme tiredness and lots of up and down emotions.
Up until today it has been hard dealing with everything which has to do with the failed Expedition on my account. Bills, insurance, my sled is still on the ice, even following the development of the team. But today I am happy to say they are just a day or two away from reaching the end point of the icecap crossing!
Quite a few think I am in some kind of a depression. But I am not at all. I am just extremely tired and it is almost impossible to do more than an hour a day in front of the computer. Than I have to rest. So I have listened to a lot of books, been with the girls a lot and dealing with everything which daily life as a dad requires. In that sense it has been a great time! Today i am tired because I have been at two different football tournaments for three days in a row. Long days, but great games and lots of joy.
You know, these things happen, Things go wrong. It is not the first time for me. Neither the last. Such is life for most people. That is how it is being a human. So one deals with it and move on. I will do the crossing eventually. But not until i have finished of the two other Expeditions, Lond on to New York and the Cycling Expeditions with the girls. When they are over, I will put my full attention on the crossing an the North Pole.
Obviously there were reasons things went wrong. I will get back to that another time!
So, all well! But, yes, it will take time to recover. No idea how long. Some say a year.
Friends and family has been extremely helpful for the recovery!

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