Explorer Mikael Strandberg

The Strandberg Knives For Sale!


The idea was simple – what would a weather-beaten, tough-as-nails, extreme-adventurer like Mikael Strandberg find handy on his escapades?

The answer is a classic interpretation of the folding knife, using both liner-lock and slip joint with half stop systems. We carefully handpicked and sorted through materials for their comfort, utility, and above all the ability to withstand extreme elements.

We don’t enjoy knives that aren’t stylish, so our designers took their time creating each piece. After they pass the sharpness test, each one is hand-finished in Singapore. 

In other words, they have to be sharp, and look sharp.  

Built to serve anyone from the everyday adventurer to the extreme wanderer, these multi-functional knives are a must-have in your adventure toolkit. Strandberg Knives are tried & tested by the man himself, so you’ve got to be pretty nuts if your excursions are too much for them to handle. 

If you believe in learning by doing, then let’s cut to the chase – check out our collection below: 

Hack Your Adventures

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