Sofie Rördam

End of cycling, but new Expedition next summer

Namibia was the fourth Cycling Adventure the girls and I did. Sofie has been involved in three of them. After reaching the end of the trips, she has asked the girls, will you cycle next summer and do you want to cycle next summer? They have up until this trip replied:

“We want to relax and play on our IPADs.”

This time they answered her here in Kigali:

“We are not going to cycle any more, but we ant to go on Expedition next summer.”

This answer made me so happy!

They have taken a huge step forward on this summer. And this great week of mixed luxury and great visits on different NGO projects have added a vital piece in how they see life.

Thanks to Kensingtont Tours, Jeff Willner and Giles Daley and the Legacy of War for making our time in Kigali outstanding.

Yesterday I recovered when a new brilliant idea for an Expedition turned up. With a new exciting partner. More to come.

Photocopyright: Sofie Rördam


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