Mads Tolstrup

Expedition Defender X: Whitehorse

Holy smoke!
What a trip!
Unfortunately I cannot join the team the final leg, it hurts! But it is what it is and I am hurrying home to my girls. That said, the airline which always disappoints has gone on strike, so only the holy spirits will know when that is.
When I came down to the lobby today, Jeff was waiting to take me to the airport -I love this guy!- but the Princess didnt start…Will they make it ti Fairbanks today?
Yesterday along the extra ordinary beautiful Alaska Highway was the best of the trip. There is no doubt, it is one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Trust me!
I traveled a good piece on it, all gravel than, back in 1987 on my bicycle trip from chile to alaska. That time I saw grizzly and moose. This time bison caribou, moose and elk. A real wilderness road. 12 hours of joy.
Another highlight of the trip was a pee and gasstop. The gas pumps were from 1953. The locals had so much character and I loved every minute of it!
It has been yet another great trip with a bunch of the lovliest of people!

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