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Caving; Get involved with Jut Wynne

It takes a certain breed of a human being to explore narrow, muddy and dark caves. And enjoy it! I have been […]

Don´t listen to those negative bastards!

Every one told us before the Kolyma expedition, that we would get killed by gold diggers, gun runners or similar dangers. Instead we found the best people on earth! I just talked to the Yemeni Angel. She says the visa is ready, but her contact cou…

Life Changing Moments as a film maker by Brian J. Leitten

I met Brian in Killarney in Ireland back in April and I have stayed in touch with him since than. Since I […]

Three tips how to get that adventure started!

I think, throughout the years, I have probably teamed up with at least 25 people who wanted to come with me on […]

Travelling with dogs; Border Madness

One of the highlights of my roller coaster life have been the privilege to live very close to an amazing dog!  His name was […]

Guest writer # 32 Kate Harris

One of the major joys of writing for ExWeb is all these great explorers, adventurers, travelers and philosophers of life that you come across. […]

The wanderer

The other day I had a phone call from Chiles biggest daily newspaper, El Mercurio, from a really qualified reporter with profound […]

“I” Witness Report from the earth quake in Chile!

Guest writer number 8 is an old client of mine, a good friend today,  who I met as a tour leader, Christian […]

The life of a tour guide and a few reviews from clients I have had on the 6 weeks of guiding in South America

Being a tour guide is very fulfulling in many ways. Most of all, when it comes to making other peoples dreams come […]

After six weeks of guiding in South America

Well, I thought I would get lots of time to write, but being a guide takes all your energy. But I love […]

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