Looking back: Patagonia By Horse 1997

It was the most uncomfortable chair I have ever sat in. So I asked: “How can you only have one chair and it being as uncomfortable as this?” He said he hadn´t seen many people for many years. He was all by himself in the estancia. He and 1000 of sheep. He could hardly walk due to rheumatism. He looked at me and with as much energy he had, he tried to talk, say words he hadn´t said for a long time: “If it is too comfortable I will never get up again”. It made perefect sense. The Patagonian Steppe was full, welll sparsely full meeting someone every week, of interesting people. This other couple here, they used their car to go and feed their cattle and heep. Just reversed it 20 meters. Went out, feed the critters and went back into the car and drove back to the same spot. I met them whilst travelling by horse for a year 1997. .

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