Iceland, the Gentleman´s Exploration, part 3

This is the last in a series of three articles about Iceland and Kensington Tours exclusive offer of The Gentleman’s Exploration. I am an honoured explorer-in-residence at this giant of a true travel company.

An early morning visit to Jon Gunnar Arnason´s piece of art The Viking Ship was a great way to finish off a tour of Iceland. It is located in the harbor area of the capital and is a stunningly beautiful piece. Yr Karadottir, our great and helpful contact on Iceland brought me there, whilst Jeff was trying to figure out the bill. Iceland is still not the cheapest of destinations. But well worth the effort. For me, Iceland, was kind of a big surprise. I hadn´t expected that it would be this wild, untamed and unpopulated. For anyone who love the great outdoors, this is a must on the list of countries and places not to be missed!

Before returning to our hectic life´s outside Iceland, we finished off by driving in three different types of weather in a mere hour, to reach the spa resort outside the airport of Keflavik – The Blue Lagoon. Now, I have never really been into neither spending time on beaches or relaxing, but I realize after visiting this open spaced spa, what a mistake. Our time there, three hours, wasn´t enough.

First we sat down, after changing into swimming trunks and a robe, listened to relaxing music, looked deep into a fire, munched on Belgian chocolate, drank espresso and had a sushi for lunch, before we headed outside into the forever changing weather and had  a one hour water massage. It was one of the most relaxing times in years! I could have spent hours there, if Tim and Jeff hadn´t been booked by the 5 p.m flight to Boston. I stayed overnight in Keflavik and made this list of 5 musts during a short visit to Iceland:

1. Gullfoss, the waterfall. Impressive, especially during winter.

2. The geyser area, it just have to be seen, this awesome area where the voices of earth show how upset they are!

3. One of the glaciers. Compared to other glaciers I have seen and crossed, Myrdalsjökul, for example, was so easy, open and accessible.

4. See Iceland in a jeep, so you can travel and stop where you like and really get a feeling for the Great outdoors.

5. Enjoy a great meal of monk fish along the way!

And I´d like to finish off with a few words of Tim´s to sum up the visit, since this was the first trip abroad for this very pleasant guy for quite some time. And I will never forget how stressed by life he looked when he came, and how he was smiling and laughing before leaving.


Thank you for your generosity and your persistence to include us in your travels.  You have set the standard for what constitutes a Gentleman’s Expedition.  This trip was ‘legend’…wait for it…..’ary’

I am honored that I had an opportunity to meet and travel with you.  Brother, your positive attitude and spirit of inclusion are a gift to us all, not to mention your spirit of adventure.  I will send you a minimal effort sour dough bread recipe this weekend. Your photos are fantastic!!!  A true master of the photographic lens.

Ms. Yr,
You epitomized the true essence of a gracious and diplomatic host.  You are a stunning person in spirit and beauty, and you handled all of our ridiculous and embarrassing questions and comments with grace and ease.  Tuk!!  I owe you some information for tax free shopping in NH, which I will send you this weekend.

Even you can be part of the Gentleman´s Exploration and private guided travel, read this!

Don´t miss this photo gallery from Iceland!

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  1. Ah, one more comment. Love your photos! I am quite surprised that explorers take good shots. So there must be something artistic in their self. Academics for example fail to take good pictures.

    You were lucky to have had snow in Iceland, it makes it look truly ‘Ice-land’! At my time in January there was only rain + thick fog. It’s a fantastic *not so small* country, although I would be looking forward to seeing Greenland as well – to compare it with! The Faroe islands are also quite interesting. Oh how I love the north.

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