Expedition Logistics in a Changing World

Have you always nurtured a dream doing an Expedition that will change your life for the better? An Expedition that will create global attention? An Expedition to places which is considered off limits to most human beings?

Or are you an experienced explorer, who need help with the logistics? Like permits?

Or a film maker who need help finding a local crew or permits to film?

If you have had those thoughts, but don´t know how to get the Expedition on its feet, I can make your dream come true.

What do I offer?

  • I can set everything up for you from the first contacts with the area you want to explore to the permits and contacts needed.
  • I can help you find the right people, maps and help you plan the best route for your Expedition.
  • I will help you set up a executive summary for sponsors and put you in touch with the right media to get attention for your adventure.
  • We can also offer as part of the Expedition package, the setup of a blog, Twitter and Facebook pages, custom web development and a digital strategy that not only includes these channels of communication but the tools and means to track and grow users talking about your expedition. Todays sponsors expect nothing less.
  • If you want your adventure to become a documentary or a movie, I can put you in the direction, from the film maker to the right broad caster.
  • I will assist you in picking the right equipment necessary for your Expedition.
  • An important and thorough risk assessment and security back up is included.
  • I can help, or even do, the needed media work for you.
  • I will even go there, if needed.
  • And book your tickets, hotels and camp grounds!

Why choose me?

I have spent the last 25 years exploring most parts of our globe. Either as an explorer or as a tour guide.  Both jobs require a lot of planning, the right contacts and an ability to get things done. My best ability is always finding the right people to help out in an emergency.

1. My CV

2. Tour guide

3. Photo Gallery from my trips to give you an idea of the width of my travels.


I will, of course, find the best for the right price. But, I see the logistics in 3 parts:

1. The Expedition in itself.

2. The media work.

3. The production of a documentary.

Please contact me here! AND, to get a perspective, read this first and than see the lecture below.

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