Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Flag Honor bestowed upon Expedition Yemen By Camel

I think The Long Riders Guild and their flag which they at rare times give to Expeditions, is one of the buiggest honors one can experience as an explorer. I agree that CuChullaine and Basha are very good friends of mine and my family, but these two people are not bribable or into helping friends if they´re not worthy Flag carriers. Anyway, they have honored me and my Camel expedition one of they´re soon to be legendary flags. I am part of some of these global clubs and most of them do let in members who I wouldn´t consider worthy, quite a few get in with the help of what they have on the bank and who they know, but know nothing about exploring, this doesn´t happen in the Guild. It is a down to earth club or organisation, where you really need to have done some serious travelling or exploring to get in, so everyone in this club, is really true travellers!

This will give my trip, the second part, more confidence!


I went out today together with my wfie and daughter to try to take  a professional photo of this honor…well, Eva had other ideas…..

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