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New unrest in Yemen racks the nerves

I remember back in September and October last year all to clear.

We called so many people to find out what was happening in Yemen, if it would be safe to, especially for a family, and it is repeating itself to a certain degree. I tend to get emails from people in Sanaa asking me if this really is a good time to come and I answer, when is a good time to go to Yemen? One never knows! Better to go than wait!

It is really nerve racking not knowing. I know Tarim is worried, because he is listening to all these people who are stuck in Sanaa and have never ever traveled by foot or by camel. They don´t know, butthey worry and Tarim feels it. I try to tell him, have patience and trust. the world outside Sanaa is different! And safer and far better!


Once again we have spent half a day calling on all our resources and it is far better than last time! Yemen is never calm, never boring and at times, it is like one big game. Something happens, a reaction from the oppsoites comes immediately, than calms down fo awhile. It won´t get better for a foreseeable future I think, so better get use to it. just like the Yemenis themselves!

All these phone calls did was just to reassure. Nothing new. And Pam wants to go! But it will be nerve racking up until the day it is time to go! So, in the mean time, I look at this press conference from the last time and all feels much better.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gv0w-k0He6k]

And we spend a lot time of time reading news. Let me share 2 good articles with you:

1. Brian Whitaker´s blog

2. Interview with Ali Mohsen.




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