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100 000 have viewed Extreme Cold Travel on Youtube

I am surprised more than anything of the interest in this little pilot done by Yura Stepanovich and Egor Petrovich Makarov during  a visit in the Republic Of Sakha two years ago. This pilot was followed last year by the proper documentary and journey called the Frozen Frontier Journey with the same team, except Misja and Kesja. I have spent some time reading the comments, start by viewing the newest and there´s quite a few negative one´s and it shows that the lifestyle of the indigenous people are not only under threat from governments, but also from well being people who consider this unique lifestyle not good for the reindeer. Quite amazing I think since they have never ever even met a live reindeer in its right element. But this is people.

“5  minutes into your vid …..and I refuse to watch the killing of that reindeer I mean seriously?….watching them twist its neck while its still alive…..sick!”

I would only wish they would put some effort into understanding this part of the world and the reindeer themselves. reality isn´t always, well almost never, as you register it with your eyes. For you who haven´t seen it:

I tried to explain this fact to the Eveny friends on the Frozen Frontier journey and they just shook their heads in disbelief. But we are children of the upbringing we have had. So I am not judging. It is good people have heartfelt opinions!

Fortunately the comments are overwhelmingly positive. Please go here and read and do have opinions about the issue yourselves.




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