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Expedition England With A Pram: Easy Overview

I have received quite a few emails from people asking me how the easiest can access the article from Moss Side and the journey through England With A Pram. And when the documentary will be ready. As regards to the documentary, I am working on it right now and it will take at least a year. Right now I am working on a summary of the journey, an Expedition report which will be published soon. But easy access to the articles is just to follow these links below:

  • Moss Side articles can be found at http://worktitleengland.blogspot.co.uk/
  • Expedition England With A Pram (Stroller) Articles can be found here
  • A Photo Gallery From The Journey can be found here
  • Short clips from the Expedition can be found here
  • Moss Side Photos can be found here (As I personally saw it, my opinion only!)

I hope this is of help. If not, just shoot me an email at mikael@mikaelstrandberg.com And let me add that this is all through my subjective eyes (and at times Georgia´s) and it may well all wrong!





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