Exlorer Mikael Strandberg

Extreme cold series: 3 videos which might make a difference

The temperature is -15 degrees Celsius, a bit of a fierce wind bites the skin and winter has just started. The prognosis is that it will be a really harsh winter. Not only by the way of climatologists, but as much through the amount of emails I am getting from people about the issue how to handle extreme cold. For this reason I have decided to write 5 articles on the subject. This is the first one. It consists of three videos dealing with extreme cold. All three of them have received quite a lot of views.

The first one is a video I did from Sakha/Yakutia for a thermals supplier.

The second one is a pilot from Sakha/Yakutia 2013.

The third one is a TED X lecture.

I hope these three videos can be of help. At least realizing that extreme cold is fun!


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