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Moss Side: The Manchester Bombing

Obviously I have been in shock since the Manchester Bombing and as clear is that i have spent most of my days closely following the developments. Because Manchester have played an important part in my life, and my family, and when I first eard about it, I thought:

“Oh, no, I hope there´s no Moss Side connection.”

Initially it seemed vaguely and possibly not, when it was discovered where the suicide bomber lived, just south of Moss Side, but since then, latest reports show that Moss Side and some of its inhabitants are indeed involved in this major tragedy. The Guardian today reports 5 men have been led away from Dorset Street, which is just a few doors down from where we lved and where I have Kenyan friends living. No answer from them, when I have tried to contact them. And then it turns out that the cousins of the suicidebomber ran a barber shop on Princess Road, which now have been raided.

In all this senseless tragedy, unfortunately there´s seem to be few people within politics and media (though Corbyn brought it up yesterday in his own way) ask themselves, why did it happen and why is Moss Side once again involved in this type of drama? For me, I did a documentary about some of the reasons, but most of all, I also wrote a blog most of the time I was in Moss Side, which can provide insight, perspective and possibly reasons.

You seem to have an incredible insight into the community there… If this is actually the case, YOU have a social responsibility. There’s a culture of ‘not grassing on your neighbour’, but if they’re in the business of killing innocent kids, it’s probably time to stop talking and start walking.

Lately I have recieved a few comments like this one above, this one on Facebook, and the answer to people who write, read the blog.


For example, I write this:

Colette and others have said I actually look like an undercover cop. The fear for them is real in Moss Side. Once again, like always, it is hard to get people saying something to the camera, but, and this is a big BUT, together with Colette, as the guide, it is far easier. She is really, really important to me and the documentary. The main worries for people is the rubbish all over, which brings tons of rats and cockroaches (my family knows them well), nothing to do for the young, nothing, and the incredibly little chance of finding work. Benefits are just needed, but comes with a price. Like Arbetsförmedlingen i Sverige, the British variety of the Unemployment Agency, is the same or even worse, the force you look for a job, any, full time, which in general, since it is so hard finding one, hundreds and hundreds of other going for the same job, may it be like cleaning streets, one just loose touch with reality and loose one´s confidence.

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