Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Qajaq in Mölle

We never did get to kayak in the homeland of this vessel. They didn´t exist in Qasigiannguit today. The Greenlandic word is qajaq. I had a kayak for about 10 years myself and used it to hunt and fish. Just like the indigenoues people who created this wonderful sea vessel. The first one´s built by the Inuit, Aleut, Yupik and possibly even the Japanese Ainu. They were made from stitched seal or animal skins. My sea kayak from Caribou was made of glass fiber. The one´s we used today, from plastic.
Even though we had a 10 m/s wind, plus 3 degrees C, we found a shelter at Mölle Harbour. Which we needed, since this was Pams first paddle session. Since she has always had good balance and is fearless, she learnt how to paddle the plastic kayak quickly. Or feel comfortable with it.
It is priceless being so close to the water as one is in a qajaq. The strong wind made is feel alive and gave us some real good wave surfing. The views over Mölle is in their own class. I would rate Mölle as one of the most beautiful and relaxed places in Skåne. The State were we live.
Pam loved it. Which made me very happy. She is turning into a real good explorer! Always positive. Fearless. Curious. Stubborn. Fast learner. Risk taker. Great attitude.

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