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Is Sweden really as open as this?

“Is Sweden really as open as this?” an intelligent friend asked me the other day.
He sent me an edit clip which images of empty streets in many countries and then one from Stockholm. People where crowded in bars, hugging on streets and so on.
Well, the girls returned to school the other day. And yesterday they went back to their football training. After their Easter break. Training, no matches.
Suddenly a lot of friends from abroad are asking me:
“Is it that open in Sweden? People everywhere as we see in clips on the Internet? Aren´t you afraid?”
Let me first say, I trust the Swedish way to do it. Whether it is right or wrong, history will tell. For me, personally, there´s no much difference from before workwise. I have spent most of my worklife by myself at home at a desk. I am not over social either, so I don´t need people around me all the time. I haven´t lost too much work yet. But I have friends who have. This worries me as much as the corona. Because for some, all they have built up during a life time, is now falling apart. And they´re desperate.
Is it as open as seen on clips on the Internet? Well, see this photo from the main street in Malmö, which is normally loaded schooldays. People stay clear of each others. However, I can see at the gym, where everyone when it all started, cleaned machines and weights, very few do now. Especially men. It is they don´t care anymore. I do, since I am slightly a hypochondriac.
It is till a case of one day at a time and enjoy every moment of it. I have also decided ONLY to read and follow the news two hours a day. It was killing me, mentally, all these continuing bad news. I chewed as a drug user. Much better now. I do those two hours at lunch.
There´s much I agree with in this article by Slavoj Zizek https://www.rt.com/op-ed/483528-coronavirus-world-capitalism-barbarism/
And I see a lot of positive things happening too. People are helping each others and being kinder. So there´s much hope!

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