Sofie Rördam

Expedition Defender X: Moscow

Whilst the best drivers are overlooking the repair and dealing with the sloppy job done in the UK on Jeffs Landrover, me and Sofie is in basecamp getting ready to save their asses in Siberia.
I am -both privately and professionally- really impressed by thier driving skills. Jeff as toured the world in a Landrover which shows and Steve “Underpanties” Brooks shows his Formula One training and winner instinct!
We are now in Moscow getting ready to leave early tomorrow morning on this the craziest journeys I have ever done!
With one of the best teams I have been part of!
I get many questions about the preparation for the Icecrossing. I think I have it under control. All luxury hotels have agym. Great team spirit, food along the road not perfect, but ok. All in all I feel extremely privilaged and happy!
I miss me girls of girls of course…always.
And Misha has arrived!

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