Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Music choice on the Greenland Expedition

11 days before the Greenland Team leaves for Kangerlussuaq. And the start of the Greenland Icecap Crossing.
Just back from Mongolia, jetlagged, nurturing bodily issues and getting the final details ready. E.g packing all the stuff. And hopefully doing it without mistakes. Which seldom happens. In Siberia we forgot to bring potholders for the stove. And we had to use stones instead. Almost a disaster.
There are days on the crossing which are harder than others. And you need a bit of help. Like good music in the tent!
I have an Expedition play list on Spotify, made to inspire me.
Here´´s five new songs which will make me rock!
1. Good Morning Midnight by Backyard Babies, https://youtu.be/h39Cot39k9s
2. Tush by ZZ Top, https://youtu.be/P7iPkiyG2jQ
3. Pink by Aerosmith, https://youtu.be/ZfbBqBOSXlU
4. Wash It All Away by Five Finger Death Punch, https://youtu.be/l9VFg44H2z8
And finally one from my home state of Dalarna.
5. I ain´t beggin´by Sky High, https://youtu.be/d0AbYrcqQso
These 5 will put me in the best of spirits!

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