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Listen to your body

Best lesson I have learned in my life of training?
Listen to your body.
Sure, I measure my sleep,heart rate, pulse, HRV, VOmax each day and training session, but it is how you actually feel that decides what one can do. For this reason, even though doctors advice was, rest for 1-2 weeks, after my injury last week. I just rested one day. ecause my body was fine, leg was stiff and swollen, but not blue! Then I started to cross country ski and do a few hours each day with my girls alpine style. I see the alpine skiing as training too, important one, to measure speed, focus and balance. Needed for sure in arctic expeditions on ski! And it turns out all the leg training AND, this I believe nowadays, choice of food, active sleep and daily training made it possible to just rest one day.
Not hard training each day. I do a schedule looking like this:
I have a 9 day week, train 3, rest one, train two, rest 3. Start all over.
I hope my heel, tigh and knee is ready for running again: i feels a bit like start all over again. I talked to Joel Friel last week, who´s book Fast after 50 is a great book,, and he said recovery is more than fine up until 70. Then it gets trickier. If one eat properly, rest as one should, sleep well and train regularly.
I have lost 4 kg:s since I returned to Marta Naczyks diet again,, mid-January. Still 3-5 kgs to go to get back in perfect shape. I checked my develpment or tracked my results since I started using the Oura ring,, in April 2020 and I can see sleep patterns, medium pulse is definitely getting better. I avergae 6.30 hours of sleep a day, which seems to be ok considering age. But when together with Hannah, a slept another hour a day. So Hannah rocks! She has also made me interested in breathing, meditation and spritualism. I am looking into it and did my first meditation this morning since I was 19 and wanted to become a monk in India.
On route up to Lima and the north, again i listened to Rich Roll´s podcast. I like him because he has gone through a lot of hardship in life but turned it into something good. He is an athlete and does ultra running and triathlons. I really liked these podcasts, which i recommend for those who care about having a healthy life!
1. A great interview with Alexander Bu, who trains the two best traithlon athletes in the world. Really, really good.
2. Dan Buettner, my old cycling buddy on aging, longevity and food.
4. David Sinclair on the science aroung longevity (for anyone over 40!)
5. Matthew Walker on the latest science on sleep
I get a lot of questions about training, longevity and so on. I hope this helps a bit!
More to come!
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