Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Aging is great!

As I opened up my eyes this morning, I felt:

I love getting older!

Nope, I am not sarcastic. I truthfully mean it. In a couple of months I will turn 62 years old. And I am more content with life than ever. The reason is a great family, great friends, great woman and a purpose in life. Obviously I feel such gratitude that I have made it this far and look forward to the rest of the journey, no matter how short or long it will be.
I have noticed that a few of my age mates feel more tired, experience more physical limitations and can´t compete with the younger generations as before.  I too of course experience this. But there is a time and place for everything. What I like having made it this far, is that I have way less of need to be seen or heard or compete. I feel no need to prove anything. I willingly leave this to a younger generation.
I also like the fact that I have much less worries, very little temper left and I have a feeling of…it will sort itself out somehow.
I am also discovering important things from the past, like writing a diary, what a joy and it has even been proved scientifically it is good for you and that brain of yours. And book reading. I have cut down on series on TV by half and spend that on reading what I would call important books. Not just passing entertainment, but words that make a positive difference. Again I am reading the Brother Kazamarov by Dostojevski and plenty of books dealing with life purpose and human spirituality.
I have come to believe that one very good way to deal with aging is to leave wordly things to the younger generations and more turn to spirituality. I can see myself in 10 years or so, pursuing this interest, which was one reason I started to travel once upon a time.
Another insight I have picked up lately is that loosing 7 kgs of weight makes a huge difference to the agility, health and tiredness. I am training harder than i have ever done now, which is needed to stay agile and healthy, but nowadays I do almost primerely for myself!
And, another thing, one cares so much less what other people think and their opinions or worries!
Hail age for sure!

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