Peter Wilson

Thoughts about the Greenland Rescue and the Tire Hauling

My great buddy Steve Brooks called me other night as regards to my Greenland drama:

“You are out living life, Mikael. You are living to its fullest. That is what it is all about!”
I will try to continue to do that. Life is short, believe me. In a 100 years no one will remember any of us anyway, so better live to its fullest!
7 weeks have passed since the evacuation which you can see here. Topped off at the end with some great drone footage from the Defender X Expedition in the Gobi Desert. Me hauling tires.
I have received lots of emails. Mainly positive ones. They have indeed been very helpful. Some upset ones. Some think I am too hard on my experiences in Greenland. Blaming Greenland for the complications. I love Greenland, my time there have changed me for a better person. But I have taken some knocks on life, no doubt about that. But that has nothing to do with the Greenlanders in any way. Just personal experiences.
Some say:
“All this hard work for nothing!”
But believe me, I have enjoyed almost every moment of the tire hauling and running. Some of the best times in my life. I am way off the fitness I had back in March, but hope to get back there. Some stuff to sort out first!

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