Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Expedition Greenland 2024, preparations

Since the end of August last year, I have prepared to cross the icecap. First together with the wonderful Max Willner, but who couldn´t join me due to his studies. Then Meg Hine, who went to Borneo and got sick. So, now it is me and Anders Gulbrandsen from Oslo, a polar guide in the making.

We are going from the East to West, from sea to sea, around 35 days. From Tassiliaq by boat to a fiord close to Isortoq. It is a demanding journey, with us going up on to the icecap just stepping out of the boat, then over the icecap and down the tricky icefall in the West, which will demand maximum concentration and strength. At the end of the journey. Once down, it is a 3-4 day walk next to a river through Austmannadalen to the end where we hopefully will get picked up and brought to Nuuk.

Start is around the 10th of August.

This is a Kensington Tours sponsored Expedition.

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