Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Happiness, but still insecurity if it will happen or not

We did get our papers last Friday. The Invitations. What a relief! I didn´t sleep a lot during that week. Or during the the last 2 weeks. Terrible, terrible time just waiting like this, your whole life is on hold! However, having this permit, even though we don´t still don´t have the visa, it is under processing at the Embassy right now, but this should mean we are on the go and we are treating it all like it is. therefore, we are, the whole family, busy in preparing. For me, personally, this is a great time. I am working on the Yemen Documentary with Ulrika, which with her hands is looking very good, but I need to almost finish it before leaving. Which is the 20th or so of January 2013. A bit more than a month, including the Christmas holidays. So giant stress!

I have 5 weeks to get all the kit, work on a treatment, find a translator and get all my tax papers in for the last year. A weeks hard work normally! An almost impossible schedule as you understand. On top of this, it is Christmas and the Yemen Doc! So what I have done these last two days is getting all paers needed for the visa ready, applied for a Flag at The explorers Club and done my traditional Expedition Book. (see below) I am also taking to one clothes sponsor and I talked to Yegor Makarov yesterday, via a translator about all things in Yakutia and it seems the reindeer herders want a lot of money. However, Jegor has picked up all fur gear needed. So the question is, do I than need any modern polar gear?

Question, will the visa come through and will we get everything on board in time? I just don´t wanna do a sloppy job!


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