Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Born To Run?

Running. I run three times a week now. I go to the gym three times. One day rest. Most times I boulder or do something else on this day. Sometimes I hit the wall. Especially if I run too much. I have never been a fan of running. I have always found it too demanding. I still do. But, during the Greenland time, there was no other choice. To keep in shape. At least not until the snow arrived. And skiing was a possibility. But snow deep enough to ski took its time. And I read Christopher McDougalls book Born To Run. It made me prepare to become an ultra runner in mind. During 6 months I averaged 75 km:s a week. In any weather. Often snowstorms. And loved it. And in different places. Not only spectacular Qasigiannguit. But Ilullisat, Asiaat, Tromsö, Faelledparken Copenhagen, Malmö, Lissabon. And running in new places helps a lot. In my case the first 3-4 kilometres are tough. I have no idea why. But after 7-8 kms I am beginning to feel good. Same after 17 km. And on and off that feeling of utter peace arrives. One of the major reasons I am continuing running. But I am targeting running 10 kms competitions now. To keep the pump going. It is needed for the upcoming journey. I have also learned the lesson of stretching, warming up and using tools like Black Roll. To avoid feeling dead when waking up n the morning. Born To Run. Absolutely not.


Greenland, read here https://mannenmedfamiljen.blogspot.com/

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