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How do you survive the long polar nights?

How do you survive the long polar nights?

That was my main thought the other day. I was slogging through the grass at Sibbarp with my tires. It was getting darker. A slow drizzle. Very few people around. And it had been a real challenge getting my act together, load the car with all the gear and go to Sibbarp.

After returning from the bike ride with the girls, Covid-19 has dominated life. And the American election. Both making life even darker. I try to see life right now as one long polar night. Cold, dark and uncomfortable. But we will get through it.

Stick to the routines I tell myself. Just like during the long haul through Siberia back in 2004-5. One foot in front of the other. Don´t think or dwell too much. Keep moving forward. There will be light at the and. It always is.

Now time to make breakfast for the girls. Pack the car and go to Skanör-Falsterbo and do my first 30 km in three weeks. Last time in Tenerife! All light there!

And being part of Kensington Tours helps my spririts every day!

We just have to get through it. one foot in front of another. All of us.

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