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More bad news from Greenland

More bad news from Greenland.
When I was evacuated from here, hoisted out, the SAR rescue people couldnt bring my sled. The team left it exactly as on the photo. Not too far from point 660.
I have invested a lot of effort and money in this. So I sent someone to try to rescue it after just a week. More invested money. This person could not locate the sled.
A few days ago another attempt was done. This didnt suceed either. It turns out that the surroundings you see above there is a river below. A meltwater river. Any able explorer/ alpinist could save it, but there are no such people in this area unfortunately.
It is what it is. Shit happens.
Greenland have hit me hard in the face a few times now. Remember my film Man With A Family? See the trailer here https://youtu.be/yhNOBqs0-gA
A wise person told me the other day:
“Forget Greenland. See the signs. It is obviously not for you.”
I will certainly give it a thought.
Photocopyright C.Mikael Mattsson and James Ketchell

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