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Expedition Yemen By Camel part 2; The preparations

I am sitting in a tower house in the Old Sanaa writing this report.  So I have made it in to Yemen […]

Equipment list, tech tests and final thoughts

I just hate leaving my loved one s. Even if there s plenty of time before I leave, it is already bothering me big time. Bruce Chatwin wrote a whole book about this! I often get asked about equipment lists and I have put this one together for a p…

Very inspired after meeting camel expert!

Marianne Ahrne, a very good friend of mine, is actually one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. She has done more than 40 movies and documentaries, raced with camels in Jaiselmeer, traveled the Classic Salt Caravan Route from Arlit in Ni…

5 most complete travel books ever

What constitutes the perfect travel book? Yesterday I started packing for a small outing in the mountains that I will tell you about later […]

Thoughts after meeting a female explorer

My oddest blog reflection so far Not getting enough sleep makes your brain so slow. I didn´t sleep last night. It wasn´t […]

On the subject of travel photography….

I receive a lot of emails right now about my photos from Yemen. Justin wrote: Magnificent! Well done you. Am hideously envious. Keep up […]