Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Greenland Expedition On Skis: Hard, hard, an accident, but great beauty

I feel totally dehydrated, so I am working my stove now. I have pitched my tent at a beautiful mountain lake and just had dinner. A dramatic day indeed, where I have done one serious mistake but still enjoyed the day to its fullest.

I left Ilimanaq at 8 a.m, crossed a tarn with water up over my boots, I started to climb immediately on mainly snow, but also bare patches, but it was one long climb until I reached a passage so steep I couldn’t make it up. I tried to do it without skis, dragging myself up, but to steep and for some unknown reason, I guess tiredness and lack of strength I let go of my Fjellpulken and it went full speed 80 kgs straight on to a rock. It gave this lovely pulk a bad dent. I hope Gorilla tape will do otherwise everything will get wet once down in the melting valleys again.

So I rerouted and instead had to do a hard downhill to this mountainlake, 250 altitude meters, with and without skis, I had to pass some avalance areas, got stuck in deep snow, but eventually made it down to the lake where I am now trying to figure out what to do. I cant climb to steep passes, I know this.

A lovely, lovely day! I just love this life, I saw and heard 7 cranes, I have seen old tracks after caribou and muskox, fresh ones after polarfox.

What a fantastic day! I am to tired to think but will have a sponge cale later on, but will call the girls first.

69.09361N, 50.98055 W

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